Media Impact in Portrayal of Nurses

According to numerous healthcare facilities, the year 2020 turned into branded as “the year of nurse” because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Along with this title, the nurses had been branded as “healthcare heroes”, and obtained a huge quantity of media insurance as compared to the past.

While this media interest has supplied the general public with a one of a kind perspective, numerous media retailers retain to painting nurses inaccurately. This erroneous portrayal ends in the general public growing preconceived notions approximately nurses or the enhancement of ones that already existed.

There are many ones of a kind variety of stereotypes that are circulating approximately nurses. Examples include, “…angel of mercy, naughty nurse, battle-awl, bimbo and the doctor’s handmaiden” (Weaver et al. 2014).

The “Naughty nurse” stereotype sexually objectifies lady nurses. This may be visible via Halloween costumes in addition to a few kinds of media. The “Angel of mercy” stereotype harbours the notion that they are “spiritually pure” and gentle.

This stereotype disregards the quantity of training and scientific hours required with a view being taken into consideration to take the NCLEX. The battle-awl stereotype is the notion that they are indignant and intimidating and offer negatively affected person care.

In different words, those stereotypical ones could permit their anger and frustration out directly to their patients. A true instance of a portrayal with this stereotype is Nurse Retched from One flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest.

This stereotype does now no longer bear in mind each nurse’s intention to offer affected person-focused care. The doctor’s handmaiden stereotype insists that they are relative of a non-public assistant for a doctor, and they simply do the bodily paintings together with bathing an affected person or supporting them perform sports of the day by day living.

While that is relatively true, this absolutely disregards the important questioning which is essential for a nurse to finish checks or make choices approximately medicines for the patients.

In many instances, nurses are the eyes of the doctor and may touch them to impeach an order that might doubtlessly endanger an affected person. They entire each bodily obligations and important questioning obligations.

Inaccurate portrayal of nurses via the media perpetuates stereotypes approximately nurses concerning career and gender and additionally clouds the general public’s notion which contributes to the reduced wide variety of them are becoming a member of the field.

The Current Status of the Nursing Profession:

Nursing is a totally traumatic and aggressive field. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the position of a registered nurse is described as, “Assess affected person fitness issues and needs, expand and enforce nursing care plans, and preserve clinical records. Administer nursing care to ill, injured, convalescent, or disabled sufferers. May endorse sufferers on fitness renovation and ailment prevention or offer case management” (Department of Labor, 2021).

It miles anticipated that the call for nurses will grow because of the growing old U.S population. Not simplest will this result in a few nurse retiring because of antique age, however, many older adults gift with persistent situations and different clinical situations that require care and training from nurses (Department of Labor, 2021).

These statistics emphasize the want for nurses in precise fields together with geriatrics and psychiatric facilities. It is projected that employment will grow from 3,096, seven-hundred in 2019 to 3,318, seven-hundred with the aid of nursing in 2029 (Department of Labor, 2021).

While those projections appear to be transferred closer to the possibility for increase withinside the nursing field, there may be room for an alternative between 2021 and 2029. Many elements can affect whether or not the projections grow or decrease, together with the generals public’s notion of the nursing profession.

These perceptions of the ones are impacted with the aid of using the general public perspectives on famous media stores together with TV and social media platforms.

In different words, content material launched with the aid of using media stores concerning ones should assist or damage that information relying on whether or not or now no longer the connotation of the content material is advantageous or negative. The effect of media involvement on the public notion of nurses could be similarly mentioned all through this paper.

Perception of Nurses through Television:

Grey’s Anatomy is a famous TV display that has been airing new episodes for years. Unfortunately, the portrayal of various healthcare people that might be found in an acute placing has remained consistent over the years.

The ones on this TV display are usually simply extras in scrubs that take a seat down on the nurse’s station or foot down the hallway. AN exciting statement is that the surgeons who’re the principal characters of the display ambulate their sufferers, are continually performing CPR, and decoding lab values.

These obligations are continually delegated to them due to the fact its miles inside an RN scope of practice, and docs usually do now no longer have the time to finish the one’s obligations because of the massive extent of sufferers they have, and well-timed tactics that want to be finished similarly to charting.

In addition, this makes the position of nurses in an acute placing appear insignificant. Grey’s Anatomy additionally suggests surgeons, residents, and surgical interns all paging every different.

The major characteristics are nearly by no means paged via way of means of the affected person’s assigned ones nor are they paging nurses to get extra statistics approximately their affected person or evaluation findings from the nurse.

Nurses are the bridge between the healthcare company and the affected person. They spend tons of extra time with the affected person than the company which makes the nurse an endorsement for his/her affected person to get hold of the exceptional care possible.

Most portrayals of nurses on Grey’s Anatomy contain the ones having sexual family members with the health practitioner major characters. While that is irrelevant in an expert placing, it additionally portrays them in a bad manner withinside the experience that they do now no longer show professionalism.

Specifically, Nurse Olivia visible in the sooner seasons of the display had sexual family members with of the principal man or woman surgeons. She had gotten syphilis from one of the surgeons after which unfold it to the opposite health practitioner.

Nurse Olivia is cited a different time whilst she is fired because of hospitals merging however is by no means cited for any of her different accomplishment or duties as a nurse. This situation mainly contributes to the “Naughty Nurse” stereotype and is dangerous to the belief of nurses.

Nurses on scientific drama TV suggests consisting of Grey’s Anatomy additionally display terrible portrayals of nurses in running rooms. They are concerned with surgical procedures as nicely and tackle numerous roles in the course of a technique.

Scrub nurses help with handing units to surgeons and tracking the affected person, even as preserving a sterile subject to save you from infection. A circulating nurse is likewise assigned in each running room who carry out “time-out” to make sure that they’ve got the proper affected person, proper vicinity of the body, and proper technique.

Specialityones can be concerned with technique too, relying on what the surgical treatment is. For example, a cesarean phase may also require hard work and shipping nurse to be a gift (Ignatavicius et al. 2021).

Bokhee is a scrub nurse on Grey’s Anatomy who has been at the display for the reason that early seasons. She is withinside the running rooms with the principal man or woman surgeons often however has been given very minimum dialogue.

This is a faculty portrayal due to the fact verbal exchange is vital withinside the running room among experts of all specialities gift to make sure affected person protection at the same point of the technique.

More mainly, this contributes to the “doctor’s handmaiden stereotype” due to the fact Bokhee does now no longer get a possibility to show her crucial wondering skills, and genuinely completes bodily obligations consisting of handling a health practitioner a scalpel.

This preceding idea in addition to all of the examples above contributes to a faculty portrayal of nurses. Since Grey’s Anatomy remains a famous display to this day, the general public watches this display and affects their mind and perceptions of the ones.

This can cause the improvement of preconceived notions additionally referred to as stereotypes. Many of the stereotypes visible on this TV display are very regularly occurring in today’s society because of this that, this TV display contributes to the perpetuation of these nursing stereotypes.

The Center for Nursing Advocacy, which is now an organization named “The Truth about Nursing” seeks to “project faulty” depictions of nursing withinside the media” and “enhance public know-how of nursing”. This organization hosts an award rite where they understand the pinnacle 5 exceptional and worst portrayals of nurses through media.

Public Perception of Nurses Influenced By Media:

A look at changed into carried out in which a questionnaire changed into stuffed out via way of means of contributors of a city population, and they stuffed out the equal questionnaire.

This questionnaire helped to calculate a PNI rating which determines whether or not the general public’s belief of nurses changed into average wonderful or negative. This rating in the end affects what number of human beings be part of the nursing discipline due to the fact the rating determines the career’s reputation.

The PNI rating changed into determined to decrease with the general public finishing the questionnaire. This locating shows that it “can also additionally mirror the strength of present stereotypes withinside the society, that’s counted as an impediment to the development of nursing professionalism” (Maliheh et al. 2020).

While this look at changed into carried out internationally, there are parallels among the findings from this look at in Iran and the manner society conducts itself with nursing stereotypes withinside the United States.

Many are impacted via way of means of the media’s belief of nurses, however, a few human beings have distinct perceptions of them while they’re interacting with them first-hand.

When nursing college students are requested what drove them to sign up for the discipline, lots of them stated due to a preceding interplay they have got, had with a nurse whether or not it’s in the intense care putting or in an outpatient facility.

To justify this statement, the look at determined that. “…perceived PNI via way of means of citizen changed into determined related to advising the nursing career to relatives, experiencing numerous form of the clinic all through character hospitalization, being an own circle of relatives caregiver and anticipated the minimal degree of schooling for nurses” (Maliheh et al. 2020).

Many of these who’ve interacted with the ones can say that they’d a tremendous experience. It remains feasible for a character to verbalize their gratitude for nurses but nonetheless inadvertently agree with nursing stereotypes including nursing being a “female career” or that they are simply assistants for physicians, which is likewise called the doctor’s handmaiden stereotype.

It is critical for them to step up and advise for correct portrayals of nurse’s withinside the media to try to cast off stereotypes that have been in society for decades.

Gender and Nursing Stereotypes:

In the past, male nurses have been nearly non-existent given that nursing become taken into consideration a “female career”. To this day, humans nevertheless have identical ideals and ideas.

Due to this preexisting stereotype, many are brief to anticipate a male nurse’s sexuality and due to the fact he’s becoming a member of a female career, therefore, makes him female.

The portrayal of male nurse’s withinside the media adheres to this stereotype, which’s usually utilized in TV suggests for comedy reasons. The portrayal of male onesin the media is worse than the portrayal of girl nurses due to the fact male nurse characters are very uncommon in TV suggests and now no longer as not unusual a place as girl characters.

Existing stereotypes concerning male nurses have contributed to bad recruitment strategies for having male nurses be a part of the nursing field. To validate, “…its miles well-timed to take note of how guys in nursing are represented in famous subculture for the reason that sexual stereotypes and a loss of male nursing function fashions withinside the media were diagnosed as limitations to recruitment” (Weaver et al. 2014).

Some examples of male nursing stereotypes apart from sexuality consist of that they maximum possibly dropped out of scientific school. Another assumption many have is that they’re a physician truly due to the fact they’re male.

On a few TV suggests, humans seek advice from the male nurse as a physician due to the fact they anticipate his career given that he’s a male in a scientific setting.

“Men in nursing on TV: exposing and reinforcing stereotypes” is an editorial that discusses an observation carried out where all the authors watched scientific drama TV episodes and movies and punctiliously analyzed them to look for examples of the media perpetuating nursing stereotypes surrounding male ones.

Some greater particular examples of male nursing stereotypes being perpetuated via TV suggests consists of humans assuming that the male nurses are physicians and seek advice from them as “physicians”.

Final Words:

Inaccurate portrayal of nurses through the media perpetuates stereotypes approximately nurses concerning career and gender and additionally clouds the general public’s belief which contributes to the reduced wide variety of them are becoming a member of the area.

Several scientific drama TV suggests which include Grey’s Anatomy and ER make contributions to nursing stereotypes by showing them through insignificant characters.

The bodily moves of nurses on this display aren’t correct due to the fact they perform assessments, administer medications, collaborate with different healthcare professionals, and file all interventions and evaluation findings for more than one sufferer that they may be assigned.

This TV suggests additionally make contributions to numerous nursing stereotypes which include battle-axe, naughty nurse, and doctor’s handmaiden.

Media portrayal immediately influences the general public’s belief of the ones and will reason a few to dismiss interactions that they will have had with nurses that contradict stereotypes visible in the media.

Males who’re concerned withinside the nursing area are underrepresented in media worse than woman nurses and feature stereotypes surrounding their sexuality and masculinity vs. feminity.

Medical drama suggests have displayed and perpetuated male nursing stereotypes by supplying a bad and misguided portrayal of male nurses. Male ones are hardly ever visible on TV inflicting folks who are interested in turning into a nurse, worry rejection.

This can make contributions to the low percentage of male nurses becoming a member of the area. They can take motion in a try to fight those stereotypes through being conscious of social media structures, turning into concern in neighbourhood affairs, and immediately confronting media structures and information networks.

They can empower others to endorse for the identical through supplying the general public with focus and schooling approximately nursing responsibilities.

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